Thursday, May 10, 2007

Black Thursday at the Minneapolis Star Tribune

A few photos from a large protest Star Tribune journalists/union members (my colleagues and friends) held today outside the Strib building in downtown Minneapolis. There were more tears than cheers. Fifty jobs are going away, on the heels of 24 that went away in March, and many of those left have been reassigned. It's all to expand the profit margin. Meantime, the classic American newspaper is dying, and it's heartbreaking for us old journalists.

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Cindi Leiser said...

Speaking of old journalists, I met a former mentor of yours in Phillips, WI, on Friday, May 11. Wayne Nelson, editor of BusinessNorth, had this to say when he heard you were my first cousin: "Pam Miller is your cousin?! I love her; she's a great journalist. Please greet her for me."